Vern Riffe Elevator Modernization

The installation of the Destination Dispatch system allows for the overall increased efficiency of the elevators and also coordinates with the building’s new security system. This allows the Owner to adjust the levels of security they would like to implement on specific cars in real-time. This project was completed in a fully occupied high-rise office building. The design team worked closely with the Owner to phase the work in such a manner to minimize any impact to the building occupants. The project includes the modernization of 18 elevators and their respective machine rooms in the Vern Riffe Center, which is a high-rise building in downtown Columbus. The elevators consist of 6 Low Rise and 6 High Rise passenger elevators; 2 Service elevators; 2 office passenger elevators; and 2 parking garage elevators. All of the existing passenger cab interiors will be replaced to coordinate with the aesthetic of the existing building while providing a more durable and sustainable finish solution.  In addition to the Modernization, a new Destination Dispatch system will be installed to Dispatch the Low-Rise and High-Rise elevators.