The Wellogy Way

the why

What’s your “why?” What motivates and inspires you? At Wellogy, we aspire to leave the world better than we found it. We do this by designing environments that encourage wellness, infuse sustainability, and spark joy. Individually, our experiences drive our desire to enhance environments and improve opportunities for living better. Collectively, we can reshape the way we live, work, play and interact with the world by designing for life.


what’s in a name?

Wellogy has an implied meaning, “study of well” – and well has multiple meanings to us including  “in good health” as in well-being or wellness, “with skill or aptitude” as in doing an activity well, and “source, origin (of water)” and the notion of ‘drawing from the source’ addressing the inspirational nature and rigor of design. Our new tag line reflects what we are passionate about- designing for life. Our new name embodies our beliefs and personified our practice.

how do you say it?

Our commitment

Wellogy is singularly focused, using design to improve well-being. Improving the health of our inhabitants is a choice we make. Our “why” is formed by aspirational, mission-driven, research-based, enduring pursuits. These are projects that inspire betterment for all involved. Our work simultaneously minimizes resource expenditures while improving the quality of life.

Our commitment to well-being extends beyond our pen into our community giving. The physiological need for food is the foundation of well-being.

Wellogy commits to providing one million pounds of food (or the financial equivalent thereof) for the communities we serve.

Our core values

Who we are

Our Passion

What we do

Our Process:

How we draw from the source