Whether we are programming a higher education space or designing a new medical office building, we incorporate elements of wellness combined with solid and dependable architecture principles to inspire the places people inhabit to spark joy and well-being.

Interior Design

The impact of interiors extends beyond your first impression of completed space. The durability of materials for community spaces or carefully selected tactile interiors for senior living and the selection of specialized surfaces for laboratories and health care are all critical components that go into designing the interiors of a space. In a time when the possibilities are endless and every detail and element matters, we provide a depth of knowledge that ensures your selections are well intended and best suited for your project.

Healthy Urbanism™

The guiding passion of all our work is to enhance the built environment to improve lives. Healthy Urbanism™ is the integration of intentionally designed elements that helps communities thrive and prosper. Wellness-centered community design improves physical health, accessibility to medical care, healthy food, activity, and social interaction. We encourage the health outcomes of communities by working with partners engaged in designing a better way to live.

Laboratory Design

Laboratories are spaces with a noble purpose; discovery for human advancement is housed within. Good design transforms research environments to stimulate collaboration, increase productivity and improve the well-being of the researchers dedicated to advancing innovation. Kathy Kelly's long resume list of laboratory renovations and designs combined with her natural curiosity to think beyond the typical space and ask important questions ensure we can provide the highest level of design for your next laboratory project.

Elevator Modernization

When it comes to elevator modernization, safety and the continuation of operations are critical to the success of every project. With over 15 elevator projects on her resume, Julie Delos Santos has carved out a name for herself in the field of elevator modernization. Her attention to detail and ability to coordinate the Owners’ goals with the design solutions will ensure the highest level of safety and minimal disruptions in operations during construction. This is what makes Julie and our elevator consultant team highly sought after.

Branding & Experiential Design

Essential to creating a unique and vibrant environment are branding and experiential design. Thorough and consistent design helps to solidify your brand and intention for the space. We accept the challenge to take your vision to a new level and create an environment that sparks joy and ignites smiles as your guests discover the attention to detail infused into the design.