Town of Oakland Development Study

The Town of Oakland, Florida was at a crossroads between growing and attracting a younger community or becoming a town that was. Situated in a prime location in central Florida and within close proximity of many larger towns, they lacked the local amenities and accommodations to keep their residents from traveling out of the area for entertainment and healthcare. Wellogy helped the Town of Oakland envision and plan for a vibrant future full of opportunities for the town to thrive.

Wellogy completed a thorough research study for the Town of Oakland that included the identification of target buildings and business types to establish a walkable multi-use community hub of mixed residential, retail, civic, academic, and integrated health & wellness services. We also conducted an analysis of market data in relation to target building types and businesses; including the target demographics and demand. Additionally, we identified potential opportunities and a development strategy for a sustainable healthy lifestyle community consistent with the Town of Oakland’s established plans. The results of the study gave the Town of Oakland a plan to work towards a vision for the future.