St. Clair Commons

The Village Center of St. Clairsville’s vision is to create and promote a culture of health and wellness that will serve the 250,000 women, men, and children living in a predominantly rural, multi-county area. The purpose of this development is to promote healthy lifestyles for those who live and work in St. Clairsville, Ohio. The implementation, coordination, and evaluation of planned strategies and a healthy well-being culture will be developed and valued as an integral component of a vibrant Village Center of St. Clairsville. The entire 98-acre development utilizes the site’s existing topography and takes advantage of the area’s scenic beauty.

Wellogy is working on a joint venture between a sponsor health system and wellness providers seeking unprecedented integration and collaboration in the joint operation of a medically-based fitness and ambulatory care model. Our team helps joint venture partners assess a new market and services, and we work with them to achieve cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary ambulatory care. This model helps infuse wellness into the community and provides a proactive approach to health and wellness.