Shively Dining Hall

Located in the heart of the Ohio University campus, Shively Dining Hall is the most utilized dining hall on campus, serving over 1,800 meals at lunch alone. Ohio University has the nation’s largest self-operated culinary operation. They look to market trends, sustainable goals, and the local procurement of goods to bring the best value to the students and staff at Ohio University.

The design team looked holistically at what the University is currently providing on-campus and where updates could be made in the current dining operation, to keep what is working well and improve and update concepts with current trends based on student input. As a result of the review, Shively Dining Hall underwent a two-phased renovation. The first phase was to rework some underground plumbing in order to completely separate the culinary operations from the resident hall above. The second phase was to complete a refresh of the finishes and update the foodservice concepts.

The salad bar was relocated and updated to have prominent visibility upon entering the hall, being located on axis with the entry and directly below the skylight. The grille concept was expanded to meet high demand during peak hours. Efficiency was improved at many of the venues, allowing products to be re-supplied from the back of house operations to seamlessly keep the front of house operations fluid so students can quickly and efficiently get served during their busy lunch hours. Additionally, the interior environment was updated to provide more individual seating, as well as a variety of seating.