SCA Charleston Surgery Center

The new surgery center was completed in two phases and designed to allow for future growth. The new build, 22,700 sf location includes six operating rooms and three procedure rooms. Working with SCA’s local team and national team, Wellogy was able to arrive at a design approach satisfying both national standards and local needs. We successfully navigated the local Certificate of Need (CON) and state regulations and managed multiple strategies with the contractor ECS as a Design-Build, and developer Equity.

One of the most significant challenges on this project was to comply with the CON regulation, which required us to design the new surgery center within the square footage of the existing facility. Additionally, we needed to meet the need for an increased area in the patient care service areas, specifically peri-op and operating room size. This design task required Wellogy to work closely with the state agencies and SCA to develop strategies that would allow us to utilize the space better, increase the efficiency of the layout, and derive an out-of-the-box design solution.