Ralph Rogan Equine Performance Evaluation Arena

Wellogy worked with The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine to design an improved and innovative environment for diagnosing equine lameness. Previously located in a barn breezeway, the new enclosed arena supports year-round use and offers an open-air observation area for clients. The Ralph Rogan Equine Performance Evaluation Arena is part of OSU’s Galbreath Equine Center, which enhances equine care with advanced diagnostic capabilities. Key and unique design elements include:

Comprehensive Evaluation Capabilities: The arena’s diverse surfaces allow clinicians to assess a horse’s gait under various conditions, which is crucial for pinpointing lameness and identifying which limbs are affected. This multi-surface approach offers a holistic view of the horse’s performance, improving diagnostic accuracy.

Enhanced Diagnostic Environment: The inclusion of a no-dust, specialized synthetic sand-like footing, and a non-slip asphalt jogging strip mimics competition conditions, providing a realistic and familiar setting for both horse and rider. This design facilitates a more precise assessment of the horse’s movement.

Year-Round Usability: Designed to function in all weather conditions, the arena’s all-weather, year-round functionality ensures continuous operation, crucial for timely diagnosis and treatment. This ensures that horses receive consistent care regardless of external conditions.

Optimal Lighting and Observation: The diffused lighting minimizes shadows and glares, creating an ideal visual environment for clinicians. An open-air observation area allows clients to witness the evaluation process, fostering transparency and confidence in the diagnosis.

Versatile Diagnostic Tools: The arena is equipped with interchangeable radiology and ultrasound rooms, expanding the diagnostic tools available to clinicians. This integration of advanced imaging technology within the arena streamlines the evaluation process.

Educational Opportunities: The arena provides an invaluable learning space for students and residents. The dedicated space allows for the demonstration and practice of diagnostic and treatment techniques in a controlled environment, enhancing the educational experience.

Client and Patient Experience Replication: The ability to observe horses in a variety of conditions, including under saddle, jumping, and performing dressage moves, replicates the environments in which issues may arise. This comprehensive observation capability reduces the reliance on client-provided videos and enhances the reliability of the diagnosis.

Funded by a generous donor, this state-of-the-art facility ensures Midwest equine receives top-tier, compassionate care while honoring the legacy of Ralph Rogan, a dedicated American Saddlebred Horse enthusiast.