OR-21 Upgrades, Rhodes Hall

This project upgraded the hybrid OR suite with new state of the art radiography equipment, including a modern surgical table. Many modifications were made to the electrical and mechanical systems to support this new equipment. Routing of these new electrical pathways and structural improvements through the 24/7 toxicology laboratory required exact coordination both in the design phase as well as during the construction phase. 

 New penetrations in the floor slab were required to be coordinated with not only existing and new utilities below the floor slab but also working within the constraints of an operational lab environment. Flooring finishes were upgraded and refreshed, updating the existing OR suite to the new Ohio State University branding standards. A new UPS system for the equipment correctly supports the latest equipment.  

Work spanning several floors of the hospital was required to be intensively coordinated not only during the design phase but also during the construction phase to keep the ongoing operations in the adjacent surgical suites.