Ohio Expo Center & State Fairgrounds

Wellogy is leading a multifaceted renovation project for the Ohio Expositions Commission to significantly enhance various facilities at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. These improvements will greatly benefit the public, fairgoers, exhibitors, and event organizers by enhancing functionality, circulation, and overall visitor experience.

The significant transformation starts with a striking new entry gate that will greet visitors arriving from the main north parking lots. This gate is designed to be iconic, featuring the Great Seal of the State of Ohio and providing a perfect spot for memorable photos. The historic 11th Avenue OHIO Gate will remain untouched, preserving its historical integrity.

Central to the renovation is the creation of a new Town Square at the heart of the fairgrounds. This vibrant gathering space will offer additional food options, family-friendly resting areas, and engaging activities for children, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Beyond the fair season, the square’s adaptable design will accommodate a variety of events throughout the year, catering to the diverse needs of the community and ensuring the fairgrounds remain a lively hub. Complementing these upgrades will be enhanced paving and landscaping, creating a well-defined pathway through the grounds that enhances both navigation and aesthetic appeal.  The new landscaping will provide much-needed green space and shade throughout the grounds.

The Ohio Showcase Building, a cornerstone for the town square, is designed to become a dynamic focal point that highlights the essence of Ohio’s cultural and culinary diversity. This modern facility will feature both a food hall and exhibit space dedicated to narrating the stories of Ohio’s people, land, communities, and innovative achievements. Within the food hall during the Fair, visitors will find six distinct restaurants and vendors, each offering unique regional dishes that reflect the rich culinary traditions from various parts of Ohio. This setup aims to provide a diverse and immersive dining experience, with ample indoor and outdoor seating options to accommodate a variety of preferences. The exhibit space will complement the food hall by showcasing displays that celebrate Ohio’s history, achievements, and community spirit. Together, these elements will create an engaging and educational environment, enhancing the overall visitor experience at the fairgrounds and fostering a deeper appreciation for the state’s heritage.

The new exhibition building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds is designed to be a focal point for showcasing the state’s agricultural heritage and innovation. This facility will feature the Taste of Ohio Café, offering meals prepared by Ohio’s agricultural commodity groups, providing visitors with a true taste of Ohio’s farm-fresh produce and culinary traditions. Additionally, the building will host the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Land & Living Exhibit, an interactive space dedicated to educating visitors about modern farming practices, sustainability, and the significant role agriculture plays in Ohio’s economy. Alongside this exhibit, various other agricultural displays will highlight the diversity and innovation within Ohio’s farming community. With over 100,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, the building is designed to accommodate a wide variety of events, from educational exhibits to sporting events and large-scale agricultural showcases. This spacious hall will ensure that the fairgrounds can host significant events and exhibitions, drawing visitors from across the state and beyond.

Infrastructure upgrades are also a key focus, aiming to improve connectivity and functionality. Enhanced underground systems will bolster internet connectivity, while separate storm and sewer systems will enhance environmental sustainability. These improvements will provide reliable electrical access for food vendors and event organizers, supporting a seamless experience during events.

By the project’s completion, the Ohio State Fairgrounds will be a premier destination that blends tradition with modern amenities. These renovations will significantly enhance the visitor experience, providing state-of-the-art facilities and ensuring the fairgrounds remain a cherished venue for years to come. Wellogy’s dedication to the Ohio Exposition Commission spans back over 20 years when the firm completed the first of three master plans for the fairgrounds. The Wellogy team is complemented by our consulting firms, Populous, The Edge Group, Korda Engineering, Bennett Engineering, and many more; as well as Turner Construction.