Nexton Development Study

An essential part of a 5,000-acre new town, the Nexton Health & Wellness Campus is an integral part of a larger real estate strategy. Located in Summerville, Nexton is promoted as “the most innovative and walkable community in South Carolina.” The growing mixed-use community worked with Wellogy to establish a plan for their medical campus so medical needs could be addressed for the growing community without having residents leave the area to go to a different town. The 28-acre Health & Wellness campus is surrounded by corporate office buildings, market-rate apartments, hotels, and a retail “town center.” The integration of planning has enabled the apartments to lease-up faster and at higher rates than expected and the hotels are running higher occupancies than expected. Office uses are headquartered/owners rather than multi-tenant buildings. The rapidly growing area was recognized as the No.1 master-planned community in the U.S. by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).