Mount Carmel Hilliard

To meet the healthcare needs of one of Central Ohio’s fast-growing communities, Mount Carmel Health System created an Integrated Hospital/Ambulatory Campus in this central Ohio suburban community. The goal from the onset was to provide a comprehensive range of health services from emergent care to health maintenance in a setting to support the physical, dietary, education, and mental needs of patients, with the patient experience and better outcomes as a primary focus. The Integrated Facilities approach drives changes in both the physical layout of the building as well as the business model under which physicians practice. The campus and facility are part of the Health Systems’ Population Health Strategy.

The design solution incorporates the integrated care approach directly into the functional flow of the facility. Diverse diagnostic and treatment areas of care share support are physically linked as one. The care also flows into dedicated areas for rehabilitation and maintenance, completing the full continuum for holistic, integrated care. The design solution is engaging, efficient, and the design facilitates team-based care. The mixed occupancy of the facility allows for easy access to additional medical needs under one roof.