MC Fitness & Health

An emerging concept in healthcare is a model that combines wellness care with fitness, a focus on total well-being for its members. MC Fitness & Health represents Mt. Carmel Healthy System’s move towards this value-based, integrated model of care. Under a single roof, the facility provides a full continuum of care from emergency intervention, primary, eye, dentist, mental health to medical rehabilitation to a daily fitness center for the community in which it resides. The community spaces provide both meeting areas and dining facilities.

The facility also presents an innovative engagement opportunity; joining with the local school district to provide facilities for the sports teams to be housed within such as swimming. This teaming brings benefits to all; costs, utilization of the space, convenience, a sense of community, adjacent physical therapy, quality of space, and cutting edge technology. This facility provides a venue for patients, physicians, staff, and the community to pursue healthier lifestyles and manage chronic health problems.

The design solution is engaging, efficient, and facilitates team-based care. The mixed occupancy of the facility allows for easy accommodation of additional medical needs under a one-stop-shop scenario. OLC Architecture, Interiors and Aquatics was the Architect of Record and Wellogy was the Local/Clinical Architect for this project.