Law School Elevator Modernization

The completed project allows Capital University to operate with fully functional elevators with upgraded finishes and access control. In addition, their renovated machine rooms allow for more efficient maintenance of the new systems. The updated, modernized elevators included increased access control.The project included the modernization of a total of 5 elevators including 3 Passenger Elevators, 1 Library Elevator, and 1 Service Elevator at the Capital Law School located at 303 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio.

A feasibility study was conducted to determine what of the existing equipment should be renewed, retained, altered, and/or repaired, to maximize the performance, reliability, and safety of the present equipment. The upgrades included new elevator machines, hoist machines, new controls, new fixtures; ADA upgrades, and refurbished retained equipment. In addition, all of the three machine rooms servicing these 5 elevators were renovated to the current codes including the addition of air-conditioning