Lake Nona Performance Club

The Lake Nona Performance Club (LNPC) is a focal point of inspiration within Lake Nona’s vibrant 3000-acre mixed-use town center southeast of Orlando. Developed through a dynamic partnership between Tavistock Development Company and Signet, LLC, this 130,000-square-foot, three-story facility redefines the standards for population health by seamlessly integrating fitness, sports, wellness, and clinical services.

As the centerpiece of a meticulously planned community encompassing housing, retail, corporate headquarters, entertainment, dining, education, hospitality, and healthcare, the LNPC is a testament to the community’s commitment to healthier living. The LNPC boasts a distinctive design and offers a comprehensive array of amenities, including four indoor pools catering to lap swimming, exercise, family recreation, and Jacuzzi relaxation. Additional features comprise climbing walls, a gymnasium, childcare facilities, fitness group studios, a Chopra mind/body studio, a speed track, and a massage spa. The third floor houses a 7500-square-foot Orthopedic Practice suite seamlessly connected to the adjacent Multi-Sports Performance Program and Recovery Zone, enhancing the overall well-being and health-focused offerings of the Lake Nona community, which aspires to be recognized as the healthiest community in America, fostering a holistic lifestyle for its residents.

OLC was the Architect of Record on this project, and Wellogy was the Interior Designer.