Knox Community Hospital Health & Wellness Center

Knox Community Hospital’s (KCH) commitment to serving the wellness needs of the rural population of Centerburg, Ohio, aligned with its emerging growth strategy, has resulted in a new facility that meets the spectrum of care from sick to well for this village. The Health & Wellness Center consolidates its primary practice with Imagery, lab services, and fitness in a central location.

Investing in KCH’s future, Wellogy and KCH first collaborated to masterplan a 50-acre development determining the first phase investment was their 17,000 sq. ft. Health & Wellness Center. The open building and glassy facades become a beacon and a gateway for healthcare. The westside location ensures Centerburg community engagement as a clinic and a lifestyle center focused on healthy living. The building relocates existing services sprinkled throughout the area and utilizes separate well and sick entrances and waiting areas for the well-being of the patients and staff.

Additionally, specialty care services are available through a rotating schedule of providers. From imaging to laboratory testing, to individual training technology, to class engagement, the Center offers full-service care. A flexible strategy allows the community meeting room to flex as a meeting room, housing fitness classes and group training. Physical and Occupational Therapy is provided in the Connections Fitness area to support the rehabilitation needs of the community.