James Immediate Cancer Clinic

The renovation of the James Immediate Care Center (ICC) provides 23.5-hour stays and expands patient care capacity by 75% by increasing the number of rooms. Oncology patients require increased symptom management for more complex therapies. Unplanned clinic visits impact throughput, and Emergency Department (ED) visits cannot provide patient-centered specialized care, resulting in 74% admission rates and higher costs when oncology patients are routed to the ED. The ICC manages unexpected acute symptoms that do not meet the criteria of an emergency room visit but require evaluation and treatment. The new space was renovated within the 5th floor of the James Hospital amidst a fully occupied patient floor. The blood draw was moved in Phase 1 as an enabling move. Phasing was designed in collaboration with our CMR to maintain existing department capacity on this floor (for Hematology, Blood Draw, and Physical Therapy) and the ground floor ICC.