Greenwood Lake Anti-Human Trafficking Master Plan

A 68-acre bucolic park in Delaware, Ohio serves as a retreat, recreation, and mother and child residential camp for the Salvation Army ministry and outside faith, community, governmental and corporate groups. The Master Plan reimages the Greenwood Lake Park with proposed improvements to the campus and facilities as well as rezones the site from agricultural use to a mixed use planned community.

The Master Plan incorporates housing for Anti-Human Trafficking. Human trafficking victims are brought safely off the streets, and are provided a secure and nurturing home to begin the process to restore and improve their lives.The secluded environment across the lake from the main campus provides an ideal setting for recovery functions with its large tress and beautiful views, and secure, limited access.The plan includes dedicated space for residents of the Refuge House to receive counseling, transportation, food pantry, employment assistance, and spiritual ministry.

The plan enhances the aesthetic appearance of the campus, programs, and provides conceptual concepts to expand buildings across the acreage. The plan improves the identification and experience of the entry sequence. Deficiencies in the campus infrastructure have been defined and a new bridge to connect the main campus to the refuge campus.