Esports, Lincoln Tower

Wellogy developed the design concept for a new Esports venue in Lincoln Tower. Under the direction of Student Life and with growing demand from the students, the University will house both a social and club venue for gaming. The design was driven by benchmarking peer institutions and striving to meet the goal to maximize the number of gaming stations while providing a comfortable, social venue. The dynamic new space is home to 90 gaming stations, 6 consoles, and 1 virtual reality space. Competitive club teams are housed in dedicated rooms and supported by an adjacent broadcasting room.

This is the first Esports venue at The Ohio State University. Wellogy’s design allowed the University not only to add a new program for students but also to relocate the main secure entrance to Lincoln Tower; creating a new reception/check-in desk for the entire building. The concept achieves a warm, and modern feel, aimed at a larger student audience.