Elevator Safety Repairs & Replacements, 2021

Safety is a priority and maintaining a high level of quality on campus is important to The Ohio State University.  Prioritizing needs is best accomplished by conducting a feasibility study phase of the project. The A/E team assessed 11 existing elevators in 7 separate buildings including a detailed review of the existing elevator components and related architectural, MEP, and structural components.  The team used this information to provide recommendations on the priority of the elevators to be included in the construction project.  As a result, the design team and OSU finalized the scope of work for the construction project to include the highest priorities and to fit within the construction budget.  This project is currently in the Design Development Phase and is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2023.

The project will upgrade, replace, and modernize elevator systems at various campus buildings located on OSU’s Main Campus. Work will include but is not limited to upgrading and replacing elevator power systems, controller equipment and systems, elevator cars, and machine room upgrades; and bringing existing building elevators up to current ASME A.17.1 code requirements. This project will occur in various buildings that will remain open to the public, during the construction phase.