Elevator Modernization : Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Wellogy provided full architectural and design services for the modernization of 19 elevators serving the 31-story BWC Tower at 30 West Spring Street in downtown Columbus.

The project included the replacement of the DC motor /generators with new high efficiency digitally controlled AC motor drive system, replacement of existing control systems with a fully digital system for improved energy efficiency and destination dispatching capabilities, installation of remote monitoring capabilities with operator interface, installation of new car signal controls and door closed-loop door operators, new landing controls, and new weighing system for improved car performance. Additionally, the Lobby panel was relocated to a new control room, and fire service functions were updated to meet current applicable codes.

The 19 elevators included in this modernization included 8 low-rise elevators, 8 high-rise elevators, 2 service elevators, and 1 hydraulic VIP elevator.