Duane Physics Renovation

Turning an unused physics library into fresh and functional learning areas was the goal of the Duane Physics renovation. A challenging project due to the shape and size of the existing space, Wellogy was the architect of record for the renovation of the abandoned physics library for the physics and astrophysics department at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The program for the 8,000 sf area includes a 105 person tiered lecture hall, a faculty conference room and gallery for fundraising and award recognition, a 24/7 TA workroom, an undergraduate study space, and private study areas. The focus for the auxiliary study areas is collaboration – creating spaces that allow students to get together on projects, homework, or just discuss big ideas leading to the next Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Due to the existing conditions, Wellogy and the design team carefully coordinated how the architecture, lighting, and HVAC were designed and how they interfaced with each other. This project was challenging due to the constraints of the existing space – the southern portion of the space had a shed style roof supported with angled concrete beams, which rest on a concrete bearing wall supported by columns and a flat concrete floor/ceiling assembly, creating two distinct volumes (triangular and rectangular).