Curtis Dining Hall

The goal of the renovation of the Curtis Dining Hall on Denison University’s Granville campus is to create a customer-focused, student-friendly, more functional and energy-efficient, and productivity-efficient environment.

The existing dining hall, built-in 1967, spans two floors and has many of the original MEP systems. The kitchen and dining areas are designed as exhibition-style cooking, focusing on fresh, quality ingredients with as much local sourcing as possible to support the University’s sustainability efforts. The adjacent meeting room is designed to be an integral part of the dining experience while functionally being able to be separated to support independent catered events.

The combined seating capacity is 500 for both spaces, providing a variety of seating options. The back of the house was organized to drive staff workflow efficiencies. The addition of a fire protection system and the replacement of electrical and mechanical systems helped improve the overall function of the facility. Phasing of the project was critical to meet University requirements for summer construction phases.