Celeste Center Renovations

A prominent and influential building on the Ohio Expo campus, The Celeste Center is the home to many concerts, numerous high school graduations, and seasonal events and exhibits. Incorporating efficiency, safety, and modern elements into the Celeste Center was the project’s goal that included renovations to the electrical systems and HVAC systems, door replacement, plumbing improvements, room additions, structural modifications, and the installation of new retractable bleachers. We replaced older and less efficient building systems, updating existing dressing rooms. Restrooms were also renovated, including finishes, lighting, and renovations to make restrooms ADA compliant.

The upgraded stage structure and the vendor sales were relocated under the bleachers, so they were out of the path of egress to make it a safer experience for the public. Wellogy also created a smoke evacuation system and enhanced the fire alarm system.

The upgrades and repairs have decreased maintenance to the building. The addition of two dressing rooms and a green room allows artists meet and greets within the building, instead of outside or in trailers. This addition will attract a broader range, long-term renters, and more prominent name acts for fair concerts and events. Keeping and repairing the existing, movable bleachers allows for reuse and repurposing in other areas around the campus, increasing their lifespan.

The Expo Center maintained its schedule for ongoing events during construction and completed the renovation before the start of the Ohio State Fair.