Bryan, Texas Health & Wellness Area Plan

The City of Bryan, Texas, engaged a planning team led by Looney Ricks Kiss, Wellogy, and OLC Architecture, Interiors and Aquatics to establish a Health and Wellness Area Plan. The team leveraged national expertise in creating healthy communities and the in-depth local knowledge needed to ensure the plan’s implementation. The Health and Wellness study area comprises approximately 262 acres of developed property located just over a mile southeast of Downtown Bryan, Texas.

The purpose of the Health and Wellness Area Plan is to create a shared community vision and implementation plan for improvements to the area around St. Joseph Regional Health Center and Blinn College in Bryan, Texas. Seeing the success of a community-based planned effort in revitalizing Downtown Bryan, the City of Bryan, in partnership with St. Joseph Regional Health Center, sponsored this plan. Their efforts, along with those of other stakeholders, have created this guide for future development and land uses infrastructure improvements and enhancements to this vital area.

The Health and Wellness Area Plan establishes priorities and identifies investments to help stabilize the neighborhood as a vital economic center in Bryan. The plan also intends to increase the presence and awareness of the St. Joseph Regional Health Center and surrounding medical and educational uses and enhance and brand the area as a healthy neighborhood. The result would add destinations serving employees, residents, and visitors; and promote continued private investment in the area.