Boundless, Building G Renovations

The exterior renovations of Building G are accomplished primarily through the reskinning of existing forms (walls, windows, roof) with new materials. The building largely retains its geometry and character while key features, such as entries and patios, are redesigned to simplify the architectural language and invite visitors to the campus. Additionally, the surrounding site will be updated to provide convenient parking while separating pedestrians from automobiles, an element of high importance given the young inhabitants of the campus buildings. The design vision for the renovation integrates the existing buildings into their forested surroundings and unites the campus. We have established a vocabulary of natural materials that create a timeless aesthetic and allow the landscape to take center stage.

Wellogy is working with the I Am Boundless organization, formerly known as Franklin County Residential Services, to expand its Worthington operations and incorporate a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Under the Boundless Health brand, the facility is Ohio’s first center to offer a continuum of care to individuals identified as intellectual and developmentally disabled (I/DD) with complex needs, including whole-person, integrated primary, dental, behavioral, and mental health care. We are renovating Building G to provide convenient and affordable health care to the surrounding community and the campus population it already serves. This is the second renovation on the campus and part of the Master Plan that Wellogy is completing for the non-profit.