Boundless, Building H Renovations

The exterior renovations of Buildings H on the I Am Boundless campus are accomplished primarily through the reskinning of existing forms (walls, windows, roof) with new materials. Each building retains its geometry and character while critical features, such as entries and patios, are redesigned to simplify the architectural language and invite campus visitors. Additionally, updating the surrounding site to provide convenient parking,  pedestrians will be separated from automobiles, an element of high importance given the young inhabitants of the campus buildings. The team will provide extra care to protect existing trees on the site, and outdoor spaces are re-envisioned to serve the needs of the campus population more effectively. The design vision for the renovation integrates the existing buildings into their forested surroundings and unites the campus. To achieve this, we have established a vocabulary of natural materials that create a timeless aesthetic and allow the landscape to take center stage.

Wellogy undertook a Master Planning effort to reposition the I Am Boundless Campus, reduce overall land holdings, and create the new face of the Worthington campus. The initial building renovation in a multi-year series determined by the Master Plan makes a new home for the organization’s corporate leadership as well as a new face for its public and recruitment efforts. The leadership team, with its office needs impacted by the pandemic, is rehoused in a multi-functional space flexing to accommodate needs from corporate board meetings to the recording of podcasts and all collaborative efforts in-between.