Block O Lounge at the Schottenstein Center

Responding to the need to constantly improve guest service, enjoyment, and comfort, the renovation of the Block O Lounge brings a reimagined and energized environment to the Donor Level of the Schottenstein Arena. With a contemporary take on the classic sports bar motif, the Block O Lounge provides improved and increased offerings to arena guests while honoring Buckeye history and tradition. The project opens up the lounge to the concourse, relocates and enlarges the bar, adds a fresh dining service and carving station, provides new energy-efficient lighting, furniture, and design elements promoting the brand and vision of the University, and the Athletics Teams that call ‘the Schott’ home.

The re-imaged, energized lounge responds to the demand to improve the guest experience while increasing the revenue stream for the University. The combined use of color, lighting, and material caters to the Buckeye tradition.