ADA Environmental Solutions Research & Development Facility

After completing the new corporate office headquarters for ADA Environmental Solutions, Wellogy was hired to develop a new Research and Development Facility that ADA ES could relocate to.

The project consists of the renovation of four suites in an existing single-story building in Highlands Ranch, just a block from their office headquarters. The scope of work for this project included extensive demolition of the existing suites, using finishes to match and complement the office headquarters, connecting all the suites internally, and accommodating all of the laboratory equipment in the spaces. Some of the interesting spaces Wellogy had to program for this Research and Development Facility were compressor rooms, work areas, and warehouse space, open office areas with workstations, private offices, a shop, a parts crib, a break room, and a safety room.

In addition, Wellogy worked hand‐in‐hand with a lab equipment and casework company in order to build out four laboratory rooms: the Experimental Lab, the Instrumentation Area, the Sample and Equipment Room, and the Process Development and Oven Preparation Room. Some of the challenges in this project were developing a mechanical system that could handle all of the laboratory equipment, coordinating where the workbenches, shelving, and pallet racks would be located in the work areas and warehouse spaces, and working with the lab equipment company on the new hoods and ovens that were to be installed in the suites. The result was a well‐designed 13,516 sf facility that ADA ES could use in order to test their products that include flue gas conditioning chemicals and mercury control products including activated carbon.