ADA Environmental Solutions Office First Floor Build Out

Shortly after completing the ADA Environmental Solutions Office Headquarters on the second floor of an office building in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the corporation realized that they were growing rapidly and would need more space for their growing staff. Wellogy was hired to build out a portion of the first floor of the same building that the headquarters are in.

The approach to the space plan was to create both open office space to accommodate new 8×8 work stations and private offices that line the exterior of the building allowing for natural sunlight in each office. The design also called for a centrally located break room, a small coffee area for the executives, a large communal library space, a spacious storage room for employee bicycles that are equipped with lockers, and a large conference room that has the capability of being divided into two smaller conference rooms with the use of a stackable partition. The overall feel and atmosphere of the first-floor renovation were to emulate the design of the second-floor headquarters to the greatest extent possible, specifically with the use of the same finishes throughout.