Building Envelope Remediation and Computer Crime Laboratory : Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation

After several years of investigation and remediation from a national building envelope testing and remediation firm based in Chicago, numerous water infiltration problems still existed within the facility.  Wellogy was brought in to investigate and remediate the curtainwall system, masonry cavity wall system including movement joints and flashing; and roofing.  All areas of water infiltration were identified and mitigated through a thorough, ”hands-on” approach.

All areas of previous leakage passed testing and water infiltration into the facility has been significantly reduced.  This was a very “high-priority” project for the State of Ohio due to the sensitivity of the laboratory operations and length of time of the ongoing leakage problems.  The project was completed on schedule and well within the State of Ohio’s budget.  No laboratory operations were interrupted during the project.

An additional portion of the project included expanding the facility’s Computer Crimes Laboratory. Wellogy interviewed the users of the laboratory and prepared documents to expand and reconfigure the lab for more efficient operation.  We included a significant increase in electrical power; which had been a limiting factor in the lab previously.